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About unbrokenheart

unbrokenheart was created in the year 1999. The designer of the unbrokenheart, Catherine, was suffering from her own broken heart and began creating small broken hearts out of wire. It felt therapeutic to visualize the heart, truly broken. After many months she began to feel the need for visualizing the healing process and chose to begin mending the tiny broken hearts with golden wire. A small child saw one of the broken hearts that had been mended with wire and proclaimed it was an "unbroken heart". Friends began asking for them, and at that point Catherine realized the power of visualizing the reality of the broken heart and the power of visualizing it healed, or at least mended.

The name and the concept were trademarked and the search began for a manufacturer who could create the unbrokenheart, while allowing for the mending process to continue to be done by hand. She found a company in Los Angeles to provide the broken heart, manufactured from .925 fine sterling silver, however chose to have the mending process be done with 14k yellow gold, and by hand, forever. Each unbrokenheart is approximately one inch by one inch in size, forged from fine .925 sterling silver, and mended by hand with a strand of 14k yellow gold.

You can choose to have the unbrokenheart mended for you, or you can choose to order it unmended and you will receive the strand of 14k yellow gold and complete mending instructions.

Since conception, thousands of unbrokenhearts have been sent out to all parts of the world, and still, each and every one is as precious as the very first one.
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