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I received my unbroken heart yesterday afternoon. It is stunning and allowed me to reclaim the fact that my hurting heart can be mended. My husband and I have faced a year of loss and sadness, and this lovely necklace allows me to know that God can do all things, include put me in touch with an angel like you, who ministers to the heartbroken in a tangible and loving way.

Blessings to you and yours. Ellise H.

Thanks Catherine, the hearts were a huge hit!! My staff loved them. Luckily I ordered extra because some of the docs wanted them as well. I see everyone wearing them every day. I told the staff it was to acknowledge the bond we have as staff in the very important mission to care for these kids with heart defects. I got lots of hugs that day!! It was very nice.


Dear Catherine,

Thank you for the incredibly beautiful unbrokenheart you donated to the Larry King Cardiac Foundation Gala's Silent Auction. We sincerely appreciate your contribution.

The event and your unbrokenheart were a huge success.

Hi Catherine,

Last August, when my husband of 18 years ended our marriage and left me alone with our two children, I wanted something to express my feelings. So, I was looking for brokenheart necklace, Searching the internet for "BROKEN HEART" and your site was 1st on the list! I hope someday to make it an unbrokenheart when my real heart mends.

I love all the jewelry you have!

Thanks Again!


I have recently met someone who has definately had her haert broken several times to the point of almost giving up on love. She even wrote a poem about how broken hearted she was and her past experience. She told me that I have been a true blessing and have shown her how to love again. I wanted to find a special gift, so I was looking for a piece of jewelry that symbolized her mended heart. I actually went to google.com and searched, using "unbroken heart jewelry", as my search term. I quickly came across your website and immediately thought, "that's perfect!". That's the short story. I'll write you at a later date and tell you the whole story and how she reacted to the gift which I will probably give to her soon.

Thanks Again!

Dear Catherine,

Thank you for your personal attention to the timely processing of my order
and your most thoughtful message regarding your concern for its safe
delivery. Because my dear wife Rebecca and I live in a 300-unit high-rise
condominium along Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago, all UPS deliveries are
made to our building's receiving room, which also happens to be situated
within the Buckingham Cleaners valet office of the condominium. Kim, who
signed for the UPS delivery from unbrokenheart, is one of the dry-cleaning
employees who operates the daily business of that valet office, including
reception of all our package deliveries, so your beautiful jewelry was
indeed delivered appropriately. It is my hopeful expectation that Becky
will be as delighted to receive your lovely jewelry creation, as my most
recent gift to her, as I was to receive it so promptly from you.

You are obviously not only an exceptionally beautiful, artistically
talented, and considerate woman; you are also truly a sweetheart with whom
to do business! Thank you again.


Dear Catherine

Just wanted to say Thank You for your generous donation. It arrived last week and it is beautiful. I am sure our Regional Director will love it

I have all the cards and information you sent with the items I am packing to go to the conference in St. Louis.
Again, Thank You for the heart pendant.


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